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    CBD has not only been proven to help prevent the peptide formation that is the cause of Alzheimer’s but also has been shown to generally help repair cognitive functions and return spatial/short term memory loss. Source credit from a study by the Neuroscience Research Australia. Below is a list of papers from peer reviewed journals and the National Institute of Health proving a wide range of benefits from memory improvement to anti-cancer properties and prevention.

    A good source written by a friend with details on many of these studies can be found here:

    List of active and previous studies in all types of categories:

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    I am composing a list of hemp, CBD and cannabis research that I hope will be well curated and from peer-reviewed and credible sources.

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    List of academic papers:

    Paper 1: example, description, link.
    Paper 2: example, description, link.
    Paper 3: example, description, link.
    Paper 4: example, description, link.

  • Medical Mushrooms: an Overview.

    Medical Mushroom Overview text here.

    Mushrooms have been used throughout history for over 5000 years in ancient Eastern medicine.

    Our blends consist of a 5:1 ratio of:

    • Lion’s Mane
    • Chaga
    • Turkey Tail
    • Cordecyeps
    • Reishi

    We do a triple extraction and use hot water, cold water and high quality alcohol. Please e-mail us for more info: