Coffee / Medicinal Mushroom Blend (5:1)


Mushroom Coffee : Enhanced Blend

Coffee with 5:1 Mushroom Blend and heap of Lion’s Mane extract.
Can also make a jar that has small amounts of good cocoa, microgreens, organic top of the line protein powder, turmeric, cloves, cinnamon, CBD, etc.

Make in your normal coffee machine or percolator.

Personally, after half a week, I can tell a very noticeable difference in my mind and body –  comparable to microdosing.  Enhanced energy, mood, immunity, it acts as a nootropic with many more natural benefits.  Stimulates nerve growth and forms new neurons and brain connections in lab studies via neurogenesis.  Recommended to take with CBD.

5:1 blend of: 
Lion’s Mane, Turkey Tail, Chaga, Reishi, Cordyceps.

Triple extracted w/ cold water, hot water & alcohol.


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Vibrant Immune Memory  Cofevee Blend.   Extracted and powdered fruiting bodies (primarily) & mycellium.  Blended with a mixture of my personal favorite small batch Cuban and Colombian espresso.

Sometimes I put an extra spoonful of mushrooms in there and add cinnamon, cloves, ginger,  tad of honey, vanilla, almond milk and then I top it off with a half a scoop of organic protein powder as a creamer.   It’s mindbogglingly good and would also work for tea!

This is a premixed blend (without the spices) of 5 different mushrooms extracted and blended ready to go in the coffeemaker of your choice!  Add a dropper full of MCT Oil CBD and you’re good to go for the day!!  Send me a message if you want the super enhanced blend.

Have both 5:1, Reishi, Lion’s Mane tincture available.  May be able to put CBD in it upon request.
High in beta-glucans , terpenes, polysacchrides, etc.   Grown and collected with love.

Lion’s Mane: Hericium erinaceus   |  Read more…
Reishi (Lingzhi):  Ganoderma lucidum   |  Read more…
Chaga:  Inonotus obliquus    |  Read more…
Cordyceps:  Cordyceps sp.    |  Read more…
Turkey Tail:  Trametes versicolor    |  Read more…

Can be used as tea, made with your own coffee our own own blend, chocolate, smoothies, even by itself.

More research will be added as I finish compiling the information…


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