CBD Isolate

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Pure cannabidiol (CBD) isolate crystal powder.

Contains ~99.6+% CBD, lab verified and contains no (0.0%) THC.
Comes in glass container with small spoon and black velvet bag.

Great for anxiety, immune system, pain, memory issues, neurogenesis (growth of new brain cells), arthritis, sleep, general elderly issues, carpal tunnel, preventative neurological issues.  Has a high NGF (nerve growth factor) to help regrow damaged nerves and neurons.  Taking with THC reduces anxiety and paranoia side-effects experienced by some THC smokers.

Can make it into anything, great in smoothies and for cooking.  Can take orally, transdermally on skin, or ideally sublingually  under tongue (highest bio-availability).  Can also vaporize or dab.  Mindblowingly great for pets of all types.

Organic, GMO-free, pesticide & solvent free.  Lab verification available.  Will not fail a drug test for any reason.  Generally a one month supply for one person. Legal in all states. Made in USA!  East Coast hemp, grown in Virginia, processed in Florida.

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Check below for research, articles and academic peer reviewed papers.  If you’re looking for specific information, please e-mail me:

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