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4oz Medicinal Mushroom Extract Powder $40
Includes triple extracted:  Lion’s Mane, Reishi, Chaga, Turkey Tail, Cordyceps

Mushrooms are good for: the immune system, COVID, nerve growth, neurogenesis (new neuron growth), NGF (nerve growth factor) of 7, inflammation, accurate reproduction of cells, etc…


6000mg CBD Oil     $200

(1 regular bottle (1000mg) = $50, so you’re saving $100 on each bottle, this is 6x strength)

Great for anxiety, immune, pain, memory, neurogenesis, arthritis, sleep, elderly, preventative neurological issues.  Works great for both animals and humans.


Sub-Total = $240

40 in stock




Check below for research, articles and academic peer reviewed papers.  If you’re looking for specific information, please e-mail me:  conceptflowcbd@gmail.com.




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