Full Spectrum CBD Crumble Wax

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Cannabidiol (CBD) Full Spectrum crystalline powder.

~99.7% CBD, 0.03% THC.  Legal in all states.  Includes other natural cannabanoids and terpenes.
Comes in glass container with small spoon and black velvet bag.  Generally a one month supply.

Great for anxiety, immune, pain, memory, neurogenesis, arthritis, sleep, elderly, preventative neurological issues.

Can make it into anything, great in smoothies and for cooking.  Can take orally, sublingually (highest bio-availability).   Great for pets.  Can vaporize/dab.

Organic, GMO-free, pesticide & solvent free.  Lab verification available.  Will not fail a drug test if used at proper dosage.   Made in USA!  East Coast hemp, grown in Virginia, processed in Florida.

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High in terpenes.
Check below for research, articles and academic peer reviewed papers.  If you’re looking for specific information, please e-mail me:


Additional information

Weight 12 g
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 4 cm
1 gram

1 gram – $29.99

3.5 grams

3.5 grams (eigth) – $99.00

7 grams

7 grams (quarter) – $179.00

14 grams

14 grams (half) – $249.00

28 grams (ounce)

28 grams (ounce) – $399.00

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