Lion’s Mane Extract (3x powder) [Tea]


Lion’s Mane:

Used in Chinese medicine for anti-aging for over 5000 years.  Mix one teaspoon in a cocktail glass of cold water until blended well.  Very delicious, healthy earthy tasting tea.  Can add to coffee, smoothies, yogurt, meals, etc.  I either drink a teaspoon mixed with cold water or mix it in my coffee every morning.

Enhanced energy, mood, immunity, it acts as a nootropic with many more natural benefits.  Stimulates nerve growth and forms new neurons and brain connections in lab studies via neurogenesis.  Recommended to take with CBD.  Comparable to microdosing.

Triple extracted w/ cold water, hot water & alcohol.




Pure Lion’s Mane Extract.   Extracted and powdered fruiting bodies only.  High in beta-glucans , terpenes, polysacchrides, etc.   Grown and collected with love.

Lion’s Mane: Hericium erinaceus  (Locally grown)  |  Read more…

Can be used as tea, made with your own coffee our own own blend, chocolate, smoothies, even by itself.



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